In-Game Information

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Rimosetosu are a recently discovered species found on a remote island. They can easily be considered the largest in the Herbivore classification.

Habitat Range

Rimosetosu can only be found in the Ancient Forest thus far.

Ecological Niche

Rimosetosu are low in the food chain, primarily feeding on nuts in trees and lotus. Rimosetosu are known to be preyed upon by Dinovaldo, Rathian, and Tigrex.

Biological Adaptions

Rimosetosu are interestingly called Neck Cry Wyverns. This is due to them having a unique call that comes from the top of their head. It is unknown what this call is used for but this is being researched. A Rimosetosu's skin is green in color, giving it a color that matches the plains they live in.


Rimosetosu are quite calm until provoked. If attacked by predators, they'll attempt to crush their foes or use their powerful tails to attack foes. If a member of their herd is attacked, one Rimosetosu may attack to protect that member. Rimosetosu have even been seen taking on some large predatory monsters rarely.